Brandenburgisch-Georgische Gesellschaft e.V. Potsdam - Brandenburg Georgian Society


The Brandenburg Georgian Society is a
non profit organisation launched in 1996 in Potsdam, Germany.

Main purposes of our work are:
  • supporting German Georgian exchanges and encouraging young people's participation in cultural and democratic life
  • providing knowlege about both histories, cultures and various  ways of live, support youth meetings
  • organizing direct meetings of Georgian and Germans
  • organizing  perfomances of Georgian folk music groups and workshops
  • giving support to the integration of Georgians living in Germany
  • fund-raising for humanitarian projects
  • giving support to tourism
  • supporting economic relations

     Please contact us, if you have any quieries


Brandenburgisch-Georgische Gesellschaft e.V.
Schulstraße 8b
14482 Potsdam

Phone.:   +49 331  270 0240
Fax:        +49 331  270 8690

Board Member
Pawel Spetischwili, President
Jens Ullmann, Vice-President
Giorgi Papashvili, Vice-President
Dr. Reinhard Melzer, Treasurer
Kerstin Herr
Bernd Stiebitz

Public Relations / Information
Jens Ullmann  Email:

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